You've been without it for weeks but finally, you can get your fix at this one store in Menands starting today.

A few weeks ago, on November 20th, the Centers for Disease Control ordered a recall on all Romaine lettuce and our supermarkets shelves looked a little more empty than usual. By the way, were you also surprised by how many things had Romaine in it? Either way, WNYT reported that a store in Menands will have Romaine lettuce for sale starting today.

Tony Battaglia runs the California Food Service based in Menands who was affected by this recall. He had no choice but to throw out thousands of dollars worth of Romaine. Apparently, food inspectors haven't been able to pinpoint the source of E.coli. Now growing has shifted from California to Arizona and the CDC has given Tony and others the OK to return to selling Romaine this morning. Now, you can go get that Caesar salad you've been craving since Thanksgiving!

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