A Menands Cemetary recently discovered a connection to the unsinkable ship.

It is one of the most tragic maritime disasters in history and still generates so much interest because of the circumstances surrounding it: the sinking of the Titanic. And now a new local connection to the Titanic has been discovered.

It turns out one of the ship's survivors, Hannah Godfrey O'Brien, was 4 months pregnant when she escaped the disaster. According to a Times Union report, the child she eventually bore - Marion Hanlon - is buried at St. Agnes Cemetary in Menands.

The Times Union article dives a little more into Marion's story. Her parents, Hannah and Thomas O'Brien, were heading to America on the ship to start a new life in Chicago. Thomas perished with the ship, and Hannah eventually settled in Brooklyn where she married James Quinn. He was buried at St. Agnes, and Hannah and Marion were buried next to him.

Now it is debatable whether or not Marion was the 'youngest' survivor as the Times Union says records indicate 17 pregnant women were on board the doomed ocean liner. But if she was not the youngest - she was certainly one of them.

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