Last night we went bowling with a team called the Rogue Bowling League.  These fine folks love to bowl, but none of us could join a traditional league because we just can't do it every week!  So we "seceded from the union " sort of speak and formed our own league.

We have team names like "The PinHeads" (that's our group), the , and my favorite team name--"Mine's in the Gutter".... what a great play on words that is--I know some folks on the morning show that should join THAT one--badumpum!!

And  yes, we keep score like everyone else.  We have best average, best increase in total pins, worst decrease in total pins--all that statistical stuff that I personally could care less about.

And then afterwards, we all go to this diner in Schenectady and take over the place--cheering each other on or a job well, or maybe not so well--done!

So don't say you don't have any SPARE time.. ("oh God, here come the bad puns", I hear you say!!!)   But seriously, it can be done, and I'm sure your local bowling alley would try to accommodate your group (and so would your local diner!!)

Come on folks, it's great exercise, good camaraderie, not too expensive if you do it as a big group, and sometimes you get bragging rights!

Wait for it........I bowled a 183 last week.  Major improvement!  (But I'm still nothing but a pinhead!!)

(speaking of Pinheads.....check this out!!!)