Finally! Starting Monday, New Yorkers can get back to strikes and spares.

According to a WNYT story, Governor Cuomo has given the green light for bowling alleys to open for business on Monday at 50% of their maximum occupancy. Cuomo laid out other requirements including face masks and ramped up cleaning, and servers must bring alcohol and drinks to bowlers at their lanes.

First and foremost, it is great for these places to open again and get back to work. The closer we get to be fully reopened, the better, Plus, it is just finally something else you can go out and do. When everything shut down so did pretty much all recreation. Summer time has given us the great outdoors to enjoy, but as we head into fall and the colder weather it will be great to have more indoor recreation options.

Now, if we can just get movie theaters going and maybe some smaller concerts in the near future!

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