What do you think were the biggest news items of the past year?  And better yet, can you get them to rhyme? That has been my biggest challenge this week, but I think I worked it out.

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This is the 25th time I have written a year end song, literally.  The first one I did was in 1988!
I've almost always used the same tune, just for tradition's sake.  The song is "When Johnny  Comes Marching Home".  Lord knows how that started, but I've always stuck with it.
I now present to you - with lyrics- "Time Is marching On 2013"
I hope you enjoy it, and here's to a great New Year to you and yours.
       Time is Marching On 2013
         Lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved
Oh yes my friend once again time is marching on,
2013 has left the scene, another year is gone,
And now it's time to put into rhyme all the events that come to mind,
As we look back on the year that's come and gone
Government has a major fail
Going out of business sale?
North Korea could be bombing
send Ambassador Dennis Rodman ?
Khloe Kardashian's marriage mess,
Why did I include that? I could care less
Paula Dean would you brag
If you owned a confederate flag?
William and Kate staying up late
Burping the future king- how great!
Healthcare website it ain't working,
"Come on Miley stop your twerking!"
iPhone 5 it's fantastic
Except the 5C's made of plastic
 Boston bombing - how do you cope
We got ourself a rock star Pope
NY leaders - poster children for corruption
Derek Jeter having a career malfunction
William and Kate staying up late
Burping the future king. How great
Healthcare website it ain'tworking
"Come on Miley, stop your twerking!"
"Keep your health plan," says Barack
Fingers crossed behind his back
Let me get this off my chest – who names their baby "North West?"
NY's leaders - poster children for corruption
Anthony Wiener- can this state operate without dysfunction?
What's a selfie (take a picture of your self)
Someone help me find the Elf on the Shelf
Edward Snowden-we found out he's got diarrhea of the mouth,
iPhone 5 it's fantastic,
 the 5c made of plastic,
Healthcare website, it's still down,
Lots of red faces in D.C. town,
Employment picture, there's still hope
We have ourselves a rock star Pope!
Breaking Bad, going away,
"What Does the Fox Say?"
Put the Elf on the Shelf,
Let's take pictures of ourself!
"Mr. Boehner, sorry but you're nothing but a..
Big complainer- enough now with the budget cuts!
I'll close this song now, everyone
The tribute to all those who are gone
Tom Clancy Lou Reed
Cory Monteith, he's from Glee
Johnathan Winters,
Annette Funicello
the peaceful fellow, Nelson Mandela
Talk show host Dr. Joyce
Edith Bunker - loved that voice!
Mindy Mccready, what a crime,
Bonnie Franklin - "One Day At A Time"
Robin Kelly, That 70's Show
and who could forget James Gandalfino?
Ray Price
Patty Page
Possum who lived to a ripe old age
Ray Manzarek from the Doors
and I'm not kidding, there's a lot more!
Marathon bombings, the shootings in the schools,
Soldiers we've lost – this is not cool!
I'm to wipe the slate clean, here's to a better 2014!
Time is Marching On-
Time is Marching On