I'm in big "doo doo" at home - trust me.  We're down to the wire now, and I forgot to stock up on the dreaded D batteries.  Are you in the same boat?  Then sing along with Richie (lyrics included) 

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This actually happened.  Off I went to the Home Depot thinking "Of course they'll have them -they'll have a 50 pack or something".  No dice.  I started to freak. I haven't broken the news yet to Dorrie.   I hope she doesn't see this article or hear this song!  Here it is, with singing help from our "Sean and Richie Needs A Girl" #6 -Brianna Costanza

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D Battery Blues 

© 2012 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved 


When it comes to Preparation

Im the king of  procrastination

my 3 flashlights do not work right

I drove to  3 gas stations


Well the clerk called me a jerk

and also something else too  that I can’t say because of FCC rule

I screamed what have you done  they’re all gone

(I go)t the D Battery blues


I doubled back to a Radio Shack

then off to home depot

the same result

what an insult

Maybe they’ve got em at Lowes


They had double a’s and triple a’s

and rechargeablestoo

boy those will come in handy Sandy

I got the D battery blues


Weevil  I feel so alone

Im in deep doo doo at home

cause tonight we’ll be reading from light

that comes from my Iphone


I guess we always have the fireplace

as long as we open the flue

next time I’ll learn my lesson

no more messin with the D Battery Blues


how desperate we are

gonna sleep in my car -D Battery Blues











Well, I guess I could always go door to door and see who has them!

Seriously, folks - be safe.  This was my attempt to give you a little comic relief in a potentially serious situation.  Let's all get through this, OK?