I can hardly contain myself this morning.  This is exciting stuff, and for such a worthy cause too .  This at this writing is a work in progress.  Let's call this "Wind and Water, Part 1" .  

So my wife, Dorrie and I went to Ms. Jeschke's 5th grade class over at the Poestenkill Elementary School here in New York   What an amazing group.

photo by Richie Phillips

Our mission?  To being writing a song for Hurricane Sandy relief victims.  The need continues, and there is an all out push for donations.  We at the Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tour thought that a theme song was in order.

The only thing I contributed here was a basic tune and a beginning to a first verse.

                                       "Wind and water, water and wind

                                  when both come together, trouble begins ...."

The kids took it from there.  Here's what we have so far, with the brilliant lyrics they came up with below

mp3 version

photo by Richie Phillips

Now the song is in the hands of Laura Harmon's 5th grade class at Richard Stockton Elementary School in  Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I found out about them thru the Academy Of Character Education at Sage Colleges.  They are working nationally with schools to teach good character traits, like responsibility, empathy, charity, etc.

And the kids are definitely showing all of these traits as they pack up items to donate to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Hopefully this song will remind people that it isn't too late to donate.

They are  taking this recording and embellishing it with additional verses, more vocals, instrumentation - the whole 9 yards.  Can't wait to see what they come up with.  When the song is completed, there will be a follow-up post and more info on how you can help.

Extra special thanks to the extraordinary help I've received from Jennifer Woodin and her family.  How nice is this lady?  I'll show you-

photo by Richie Phillips