Some say it was sad to see it go.  Others think it was high time.  The iconic Latham Circle Mall has become a victim of the wrecking ball, and it has special meaning to some of us here at 'GNA. 

Screen Shot Latham Circle Mall
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As you may or may not remember, WGNA's studio's were in the Latham Mall up on the second floor across from the Burlington Coat Factory.  We left there I'd say around 8 years ago.  Things were in various states of disrepair even then.

It is being torn down as we speak.  I just had to write a little tribute to it, so I gave it a shot this morning.  (Note to self - never attempt to parody ANYTHING sung by the late, great Freddie Mercury of "Queen" fame -especially if you have a sinus infection)    With that in mind, here we go.  I included the lyrics too so you could decipher what I was singing!

 Another Mall Bites The Dust 

    lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

The took a wrecking ball the latham mall but they didn't need much help

 it wasn't necessary  cuz it could have fallen down by itself

our station used to broadcast there but we packed up  instead-

cuz in the evening it was like a scene from the  Nite of the Living Deadd

 Another mall bites the dust

no complaints from us

another mall down it's leveled to the ground

another mall bites the dust

get rid of that dump put a new one up

cuz this one bites the dust

The started losing customers
i didnt know what to think
when even Mickey Ds and Radio Shack
are covered in chain link

When you went to the movie theatre

you didnt have to shut off your phone

youre not buggin anyone have your watching that flick alone


Another mall bites the dust

another mall bites the dust

right now all they got is a parking lot

I wonder what's in store

I hear they're making it an outdoor mall

really are you sure?

they did that once before!



So what's YOUR memory of the Latham Mall?Actually, we have posted a slew of old shots for you.   Do you think a new mall will revive the area, or will it be more of the same?  Would love to hear your thoughts below.








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