My Your Town Thursday segment emphasizes the small towns in the Capital Region.   Well, equal time this week for the bigger suburbs. 

I've had several requests to do a ditty for what's considered the geographic center of the Capital Region – Latham, New York.    For all of you long time listeners to WGNA, I'm sure you'll remember that Latham was also the home of our radio station for many years up on the second floor of the now defunct, but soon to be resurrected Latham Circle Mall.  Here is the old sign, courtesy of the Lou Roberts photo collection (I guess he felt very nostalgic one nite and tearfully snapped a picture of the sign before it was callously bowled down)

Latham Circle Mall
Lou Roberts Collection

That being said, there  has to be other information that we may not know about this …suburb? Bedroom community?  Just what IS it anyway?

Latham NY
Google Earth

I'd love someone who's lived in Latham very long time and might know the history to send me some information. You can just be bullet points if you'd like.  Photos are always welcome too.   And for all you others, if you'd like to send some fun facts or other trivia type information, please send everything to by this coming Tuesday evening if at all possible.

I will create a song and it will air this Thursday on our program sometime in the 8 o'clock hour. It will also featured on our website after the broadcast.

Let the songwriting begin!


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