Another day, another controversy.  This time it's everyone's favorite - Starbucks.  They might have stepped in a big pile of doo-doo this time (unless it was purposeful to get us all to talk about Starbucks, in which case they are brilliant)  But nonetheless… 

I'm sure you've heard all about it.  Starbucks has decided to remove all hints of "Christmas" to their holiday cup offerings this season.  It's simply red in color with the green logo slapped on it.  The full story is here, courtesy of

So in other words, it's a Red Starbucks Cup.  Gee-- do you feel a parody brewing here? (no pun intended).    LYRICS below… This is a parody of Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup"


Now there's a new coffee cup that you see on commercials

the color they picked is just so controversial

their policy surely could use a reversal

they say their just trying to be  nice
it was their attempt to include all religions
I'm fine with the fact that it's named for the Christians
If you want to make a important decision
Why don't you work on the price
Red Starbucks Cup
I won't pick one up
for our Xmas Party
I'm in the minority (religiously)
If I see that cup
you can bet your butt
I won't go near it
no Christmas spirit
we're all so damn worried bout who we're offending
this is a fight that is just never ending
there's  way too much time that we're spending
I agree we should live and let live
stop being so damn sensitive
(Jingle Bells/Dradel Dradel ending)