This was yet another labor of love - to pay tribute to a living legend who is hanging up his pinstripes and retiring his number 2.  It was a big moment in sports history without question.  It deserved a song! 

Derek Jeter - the Captain ' has decided to retire.  It would be both redundant and ironic for me to try to give you his history here.  Redundant because you probably all about it already from other sources, and ironic because anyone who knows me knows that I have absolutely no working knowledge of sports in general.  I am interested in the important, potentially historic events though, like this one, or the Superbowl or World Series.  So with that in mind, I present a song parody composed and produced during our show, and done to the tune of Hank Williams Jr's classic - "Family Tradition" (Lyrics are below the video for you to sing along! )

Yankee Tradition

(Parody of Family Tradition, by Hank Willams Jr..)

New Lyrics ©2014 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved


If you're a Yankee fan you're  apart of a real big family
and the one who was the captain we're gonna miss quite terribly
Number 2- this songs for you
I'd like to sign a petition
What a great career
We want to keep you here
You're a yankee tradition
20 years ago you know he had his very first hit
3460 more not to mention 5 championships
He loved the pinstripes
Never liked all the hype
Modesty was his mission
Lets say here here to the rookie of the year
He's a Yankee Tradition
Why don't you stay
It's surely a shame
iIt's hard to conceive
Of a game that don't include your name
Part of the Core 4 will be no more
Your the mere definition
Of the word respect
I'm an emotional wreck
you were a Yankee Tradition
Now this original song is almost as long
As the years in your position
You are the top…. what an amazing short stop
you're a Yankee Tradition


Captain--this one's for you!  Congratulations from all of us at Townsquare Media.  In fact, I'm screaming it as I type this….. THANK YOU, JETER!!

Special thanks to Sean and Bethany for the inspiration,  Dave Scriven for his production work and Nick Lee for the video…