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This Old Photo of Derek Jeter Playing In Albany Is Everything
An all-time great Yankee and now Hall of Famer, Derek Jeter had a nice little run playing ball right in our backyard. I got chills when I saw this cool picture (possibly as a teenager) of the Captain wearing an AC Yankees jersey with 'Albany' proudly stitched across the chest.
I Made Derek Jeter Laugh
I have always been a Yankee fan but more importantly a Derek Jeter fan so when I had an opportunity to meet him in 2015, it was a dream come true.  It was a once in a lifetime chance, and I actually made him laugh.
What Do Athletes Eat Before They Compete… This! [Watch]
Ever wonder what famous athletes like Derek Jeter and Peyton Manning eat right before a big game? Check this Buzzfeed video out...
Charles Barkley of the NBA:  two McDonald's filet-o-fish sandwiches, large fries, and a Diet Coke.
Britney Griner of the WNBA:  bacon...
Farewell To The Captain
This year will mark the end of an era, Derek Jeter will be calling it quits after the 2014 season. Levack takes a second to put it into perspective on this week's View From the Couch.
Jeter Out 'Til July
And the bad news continues with the Yankee captain.  Derek Jeter had a CT scan of his injured ankle and it revealed a small crack.  "We're looking at, in terms of speculation when Derek Jeter will be back with us, sometime after the All-Star break," Yankees general m…
Derek Jeter’s Penthouse At Trump Towers
I'm starting a new feature, thanks to a great website.  I wanted to share with you some of the top celebrities' real estate that they are either trying to unload or have unloaded.  Some of these you won't believe.  We'll start with Yankee Derek Jeter's

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