This is a bonus blog.  I really honestly DID feel sorry for good old Dan. is calling his  error one of the worst in World Series history.  How would you like THAT on your record forever? Are we forgetting everything he's DONE for the game?  This calls for a song! (big surprise, huh?)

In radio we sometimes do something on the air just as a "bit".  We might not really feel a certain way about an issue but we pretend.  I've done that many times with song parodies.  But this particular time I honestly DO feel bad for him, and sets a really bad signal for all that play the game -professional or amateur.

I know there's big money involved, and this is the guy's career and all that.  But we all lose sight of one thing, whether it be the World Series or someone's backyard stickball game with the kids - and that's just it -- IT'S A GAME, PEOPLE!   To rip him apart like I'm seeing is really unfortunate, and he seems to be taking it pretty well (at least publicly).  But I can imagine how he feels every time he flips the news on.  So that's why I wrote this..





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