We are at the end of another long week, so what do you say we break out another great country song and video from the past with this week's edition of Flashback Friday. Today is Restless Heart Frontman Larry Stewart's 53rd Birthday today, so I thought I would break out one of there classic tunes, the #1 hit from 1988 "The Bluest Eyes In Texas".

From the album "Big Dreams In A Small Town", this would become Restless Heart's fifth #1 single in 1988 and part of a string of six consecutive country chart toppers. The song was co-written by the late Van Stephenson and Dave Robbins who would later join Henry Paul to form the band Blackhawk.

Larry Stewart would eventually go solo in 1991 and have success with the tune "Alright Already" which was a top 5 hit. He would rejoin the band in 1998 and have been together since. The band still tours and still makes music.  They had  a top 30 hit not so long ago in 2004 with "Feel My Way To You" and have released their own CD's through their website since then.

A Big Happy Birthday to Larry Stewart with one of my favorite Restless Heart songs of all time! I love songs with tremendous harmonies and this band was certainly known for that. A true inspiration to many counrty artists of today.

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