A restaurant in Maine, famous for it's lobsters, admitted something rather interesting recently.  They get their live lobsters 'high' off the THC from marijuana before boiling them.

According to News 10 ABC , "Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound" in Maine places the lobsters "in a small box with some water and marijuana smoke is then blown through the water."

The owner of the restaurant, according to the news story, claims she has done enough research to have determined that this in fact, is a more humane way to proceed with the crustaceans before cooking them.  The restaurant owner specifically noticed that the lobsters were much more 'calm and less aggressive' than ones not high before cooking.

So this begs the question: Could one get a contact high from eating the cockeyed crustaceans? Are these the new edibles?

According to the News 10 ABC story, the THC in the marijuana  won't affect the lobster meat because "they're cooked before eaten".

Drunk as a skunk.  High as a kite.  Lit as a lobster?




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