In the winter of 2008, we had one heck of an ice storm that hit the Capital Region! Power was out in the majority of the surrounding area and not just for a couple hours, but for some weeks. You were thankful to know someone with a generator and that, maybe the Subway down the street was able to whip up some sandwiches for the family.

We were in a State of Emergency and only the essential people, which includes media, by the way, were allowed on the road ways. I can remember getting out of the radio station and not knowing what the heck was happening. I mean, how often do you drive down route 9 past Wal-Mart and see it completely black with only some workers manning the doors with flashlights? That place is open 24-hours, after all!

It was like another world and here we were just sort of thrown into it unsure of what to do or when things would get better.

Check out some videos of what will forever be remembered here in the Capital Region.




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