Mr. Negative.  That's my second nickname on the morning show.  You're supposed to have a GOOD time at the Superbowl party, right?  Not me!!!

Between the Aguilera malfunction, the food that gave me "Montezuma's Revenge" all nite when I had to be up at 4am.. and the other things that happened, --well, sorry, but I was not a happy camper.

And there are the Blackeyed Peas, jumpin' around in their Duracell fueled suits, telling everyone that "Tonite's Gonna Be a Good Nite"..... GOOD NITE??? My TEAM LOST TOO!!

So I borrowed their hit and sang my tail of woe on the show----here we go....

Bridgestone Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show

(I know it's a bad impression of the Black Eyed Peas--Will. I. Am I"m NOT!!!!)

Now if you'll excuse me---I've gotta run and get some Milk of Magnesia.  How ironic that the bottle has my name on it!!!!

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