Amidst opening many of it's Market 32 locations, Price Chopper is going to close one of their oldest stores.

It is definitely odd hearing about Price Chopper closing a location, right? They have been super busy renovating their stores and getting so many Market 32's up and running.

Well, this story goes against that trend but ultimately it is not bad news. The Times Union is reporting a spokesperson for the Golub Corporation says the Menands Price Chopper will be closing Saturday, January 28th. It is one of their oldest and smallest stores, plus their other nearby stores in Latham and Watervliet are there to serve customers.

Most importantly, this story is not bad news because all of the employees at the Menands store will get to transfer to other stores. That is always a concern when a store or business closes, so it's great to hear everyone will still have a job!

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