This week starts premiere week for our favorite shows!  But, with so many shows, what do you watch live and what do you DVR?

My rule of thumb has always been live shows need to be watched.  Mainly because you will find more people to talk about these shows at work or post about them on social media! You don't want to be left out and you certainly don't want people spoiling it for you, but that being said, there are so many shows with plot twists and cliff hangers, sometimes it's hard to choose!!

Tonight there are some great shows coming back with season premieres like "The Big Bang Theory," "Blacklist," "The Voice" and "Sleepy Hollow." Tonight also offers up some really promising new shows like, "Gotham," "Scorpion" and "Forever."

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So, lets take a poll!  What shows will you watch tonight.  The others you may DVR and you will get to them another time? (You can choose more than one but only the show you will definitely watch tonight)


To see a  list of the new and premiering shows, check out our printable tv guide!



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