I have to admit, I'm not a big "Dancing With The Stars" fan, but I have caught a few of the performances over the years. This one, to me, stands out. I have to give it to whoever came up with the idea: it's pretty brilliant and getting a lot of attention on the interwebs.

YouTube Image, Jesse
YouTube Image, Jesse

While I said I was not a huge fan of "DWTS" I was pretty fond of the show "Saved By The Bell" and when I saw this dance routine start, I remembered EXACTLY what episode of "Saved" they were doing a parody of. You remember when Jessie was getting addicted to the caffeine pills because she had to study? Fortunately Zac was there for her and helped her out. It was so dramatic! It was so over-acted!

Well someone got a great idea to parody that scene with the dance routine and I have to say, if you watched "Saved By The Bell," you kinda have to smile at this. It truly is as wonderfully cheesy as the original scene.

Now, I wonder if they will be reenacting any scenes from that movie she did?

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