Oh man!  She's pissed!

Apparently Erin Andrews really wanted Monday night to wrap up.

The Dancing With the Stars co-host was caught on live TV looking more than irritated during May 11's episode as finalist Noah Galloway proposed to his girlfriend!  Refresher, Noah is the double amputee war hero, and his girlfriend is Jamie Boyd, an Army Reserve specialist.

Noah was trying to be super sweet and romantic and Erin was... um... not having it!

Noah didn't have the moment planned and Boyd said she didn't see it coming!  Even the producers didn't have a heads up!

Maybe that's why Erin was so over it!

Erin responded to angry Dancing fans on Twitter by saying "The producers wanted me to wrap."


One of these semifinalists is heading home tonight. I might tune in just to see who ticks Erin off tonight!

Erin Andrews Fox Sports 1
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