While the "Monday Night Football" game itself left a little to be desired, the pre-game rendition of our National Anthem did not. Is it the best I have ever heard? I don't know if I could even answer that. I have heard many different artists do an amazing job both musically and vocally.

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I will say this though, the simplicity of the performance, the trumpet with just a piano as accompaniment is beautiful. I also think that what makes Chris Botti such an amazing Grammy Award winning Jazz musician is finding the "soul" in what could just be musical notes on a piece of paper. He to me, really captured the soul in this performance and even without the fanfare, showmanship and "entertainment value" that is often used when the Anthem is performed. Chris Botti made the players, the people in the stadium, and those watching at home and around the world "FEEL" America in their hearts.

Thank You Chris.

If you missed it check it out here and tell me what you think:

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