Everyone uses Instagram to post your regular, run of the mill photos. It's extremely popular as is, but I guess folks have been complaining that there was no way to post videos.  Well, move over YouTube!

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According to All Things Digital.com it looks like video uploading will be a reality. Instagram is owned by Facebook, so you can bet it will have alot of interesting features that get us completely hooked eventually.  Between taking pictures, uploading videos and answering Facebook messages, you can expect to have our faces buried in cellpohone screens 24 hours a day now


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They've updated the meaning of the word "Tweet" in the Oxford Dictionary

According to cnn.com, 'tweet' is no longer just the sound of a little birdie.  It's now a verb.

The dictionary's entry for tweet now includes the verb -- "to make a posting on the social networking service Twitter" -- and the noun -- "a posting made on the social networking service Twitter."


Wow, you think they would have done it by now, but I guess it's a vey long process to pass a word through the dictionary "powers that be".

Quick Computer Tip 

Should you use your computer when it is "defraging"?

Defragmentation is a way of cleaning up all of the "junk" on your hard drive - it kind of puts everything in order so that the drive isn't jumping around to find like...stuff. ( I learned this explanation from this year's Miss America contestants)

According to everyoneusecomputers.com , they recommend that you let the computer do it's cleanup without interrupting it, because  doing so might reset the process and never complete what it set out to do.  I mean you CAN if you want to, but they recommend to LEAVE IT ALONE (sorry for screaming)

If you have a tech tip, leave your comment below.  Happy computing!







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