The funky, very comfortable Crocs that everyone has a strong opinion on, may become extinct. The Crocs company has been
battling with the  U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In the latest move, they have rejected Crocs' infringement argument saying that its design is NOT original. There was a company called Dawgs that had applied for a similar design one year before Crocs did. Even though they plan to appeal, this was a major blow to the company because they spent so many years battling Dawgs to claim infringement of their design.

There also has been a major decline in sales over the last few years. Declining sales is making the company close 160 stores over the next two years.

Not sure when or if these Crocs will go away. Sure they may close stores and stop manufacturing them, but my six year old alone has about ten pair. It will take a long time before all the Crocs are gone.

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