After this public pool was closed early last summer because it was unsafe, the state poured millions of dollars into making sure it would be fixed by this summer. They kept their word and now you can enjoy this state park pool for the season. Last year, three weeks before it was scheduled to close for the season, the Peerless Pool in the New York Spa State Park was closed due to much needed renovations. State officials closed the pool last August because it was deteriorating and unsafe.

According to News Channel 13, after almost a year and three million dollars in renovations from New York state, the pool has opened ahead of schedule. Crews worked through the winter to upgrade the pool complex. This includes a new bathhouse, expanded changing areas and more lawn space.

The Peerless Pool in the New York State Park is fifty five years old, so the upgrades and renovations were desperately needed. The pool is open through September 3rd from 10a until 6pm.

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