Not A Resident? You May Be Shut Out Of This Local Pool
With many communities like Troy not opening pools in the Capital Region, people are looking for other cities to cool off in. Well there is one city that is limiting non-residents so that their community can enjoy their own town pool. It has some people angry.
Where is the Playground Equipment in Central Park?
When I think of my childhood, I think of taking walks to Central Park and playing on the playground. I think of chasing the ducks past Iroquois Lake, running up and down the hill. Imagine my surprise when I went to the playground and there was nothing there.
Build Your Own Pallet Pool
Summer is officially over, but this week it's going to be REALLY hot and this is something you can build with just a few key pieces. The best part is that you can take it apart and reuse it from year to year and will probably cost you less than a real pool (If you can find the pallets which I f…
Why You Should Never Hesitate At The Pool [VIDEO]
When I was a kid, I was always afraid to jump off the diving board and to this day I have to jump in the water holding my nose. (Don't judge!) When I first saw this I thought it was horrible and then after I realized she is ok and comes up after she jumps in the water that yes, I laughed a litt…
Here’s How to Take Off Your Shirt [Watch]
Unitl this morning, I didn't realize this was a problem.  But, turns out taking your t-shirt the wrong way happens all too often, and it can ruin the mood if done incorrectly.
The first video is a comical one meant to get you ready for the beach or pool party...
Not a Country Fan?
Just like in the Trace Atkins song, "Songs About Me," Countryfest 2014 headliner Jake Owen made a lifelong country fan out of a civilian just by inviting her to his show.
Jake and his personal trainer were hanging at the pool before his show last weekend at Mohegan Sun (the night before he …
Gloversville’s 5 Year Old Pool Prodigy [VIDEO]
I have to thank the Mayor of my hometown of Gloversville, N.Y. for putting this up on his facebook page. It truly is amazing how talented out children can be and prodigies come to us in all sorts of ways, music, art, sports and yes even billiards.

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