Large animal cruelty bust in Upstate NY

A woman living in Upstate NY is facing multiple animal cruelty charges for the deplorable conditions many of her animals were forced to live in.

According to News 10 ABC, dozens of goats plus several donkeys and cows were rescued on Tuesday when police learned that the animals were in "grave condition" as a result of the putrid care they'd been given.

Grave condition

The news station reports that on Tuesday, police responded to a property on Military Road in Norway (85 miles northwest of Albany) regarding animal hoarding and abuse. Police say a search of the property found several goats, donkeys, and cows in grave condition resulting from poor care.

Lorraine Rose, 60, from Norway NY was charged

While it's heartbreaking, to say the least, the good news is, is that the animals are currently in great care, and no longer with an unfit owner.

According to News 10 ABC,  Rose, who lives in an unknown structure on the property, "attempted to care for the animals but became overwhelmed. As a result, over 80 goats were voluntarily surrendered to the Pause 4 All Paws Animal Rescue."

Pause 4 All Paws Animal Rescue

pOn Tuesday, Pause 4 All Paws Animal Rescue in Little Falls gave an update on the condition of the animals brought in, assuring the public that the mistreated goats are in good hands, recovering well, and hope they'll be ready for adoption soon.

They also encouraged people to help them fund some of the costs while they house the animals and nurse them back to health, writing:

"They are now safe with an experienced foster. They have been voluntarily surrendered to our rescue. They will need a lot of TLC before they will be ready for new homes.
We would greatly appreciate donations to help with the costs we will incur due to this massive rescue event. We thank you in advance" - Pause For All Paws Facebook
attachment-Goat 1
One of the many goats rescued out in Herkimer County on Tuesday. Photo: Pause 4 All Paws of Herkimer County, NY Facebook Group Page
attachment-Goat 2
In good hands! More of the goats were rescued in Herkimer County on Tuesday. Photo: Pause 4 All Paws of Herkimer County, NY Facebook Group Page

List of Registered Animal Abusers in Upstate New York

Here is a list of people in Upstate NY charged with animal cruelty, according to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society and the Albany County Sherrif's Department

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