Snake Hill on Saratoga Lake is one of the most recognizable landmarks. It is prominently visible from every part of the lake and features 30 acres of undeveloped land. A proposal was brought in front of the planning board to build on Snake Hill, but now it has been withdrawn.

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Why Was The Proposal Withdrawn?

The Dake family who own Stewart's Shops and the Snake Hill land has withdrawn the application to build just four homes on the thirty acres near Saratoga Lake. There were too many hoops to jump through. According to News 10, there would have to be a twenty-four-foot wide road built on Snake Hill that increased the cost significantly. Also, the regulations that the Town Planning Boards have on drainage, tree cutting, and access would have caused more problems.

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The shape of Snake Hill has not been developed because it has steep sides with layers of shale that are vertical.

What Has The Dake Family Said About Withdrawing the Proposal?

Stewart's Shop chairman of the board, Bill Dake said,

We had hoped to construct four attractive homes on 30 acres that would’ve had very minimal visual impact and may have symbolized the tremendous progress the lake has made over the past 50 years. Some say Saratoga Lake has been over-developed, but I would encourage you to drive around the lake today, with the leaves off the trees, and you will see, there is still much to be done.

What is the History Surrounding Snake Hill?

Snake Hill is a 30-acre property that towers 200 feet over Saratoga Lake. It was named by primitive settlers to the lake because it had poisonous snakes that lived there. Historically, the story that is told is about Native Americans having battles on top of Snake Hill. Even though the Dake family owns the property, it is considered to be an important part of the land to the entire community.

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