The kids from Pinewood Elementary School had one thing on their mind – Phys Ed class. I think I can understand why. They had just finished taking very grueling ELA tests.  Time to give them a break and have a little fun, so we wrote a song together

Special thanks to Mrs. Stahl for having me in.  She's a big 'GNA listener - but guess what?  So were the kids.  They had one subject on their mind and one song to go with it: "Cruise", by Florida Georgia Line.

Put it all together and what have you got?  A great parody song!  Thanks for inviting me to come in, kids!

pinewood pe lyrics rrr
pinewood pe song class shot
photo by Richie Philips

Would you like to hear examples of other schools' songs?

pinewood school rrr
photo by Richie Phillips

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