A woman who found $8000 on the side of the road had no idea when she returned it, it was all connected to the Schoharie crash. Listen to Terri Brubaker's story. It is guaranteed to renew your faith in humanity. Chrissy originally saw this unbelievable story on News 10 ABC, where Terri Brubaker made a curious discovery on the side of the road. She stopped to collect the money and the course of her kindness connected her to a widow of the tragic Schoharie crash.

Hear Terri Brubaker's amazing story when she spoke with Brian and Chrissy.

In a strange turn of events, the woman was buckling in her niece and set the money on top of her vehicle. She didn't realize that she had been so careless until it was too late. Fortunately, Terri did the right thing, turned in the money and ultimately realized it was being used in memory of those who had died in the Schoharie crash.

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