Yesterday morning we were one of the very first to report the story about the abandoned puppy who Gloversville police say was tied to a shopping cart, alone near a body of water, and presumably left for dead.

So many of you were disgusted, and we have an update.

Just about every single person in the Capital Region who saw the post wondered what kind of cruel human would do this, and the story we wrote was an effort to locate the owner as well as praise the man who heard the pup crying and ultimately rescued him.  This morning, we learned that there are in fact two owners of the dog, but neither of them seems willing to accept responsibility for the stranded pup.


According to a report from News Channel 13, the owners are placing the blame on an ex-boyfriend, who they claim was asked to watch the dog when they went out of town for the evening.

According to the report, one of the owners, an 18-year-old woman told the news station that she's "a good dog owner."

Most people on Monday had pretty strong opinions about the heartless individual(s) who left the crying, innocent dog all alone, and that hasn't changed much on Tuesday.  But it does seem that the police efforts will focus on the ex-boyfriend as their search for answers about the purported animal abuse.

Today it was learned that the dog will return to its rightful owner, which in this case would be the two women who left him with the ex.  This story is still developing, if any additional substories develop, I'll keep you posted.

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