Police in Fulton County want some help. Perhaps you or someone you know may recognize the sweet, innocent, pup in the photo as local law enforcement searches for the person or persons responsible for leaving him all alone, to die.


Dennis Bingham Facebook
Dennis Bingham Facebook

On Sunday, a Facebook post that has already been shared thousands of times by the Fulton County Regional SPCA explains that Gloversville police want the public's help finding out who tied this puppy to part of a broken shopping cart that was submerged in water as the stranded pup cried for help.


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A man named Dennis Bingham claims to have found the dog and he added a little more detail to the pup's whereabouts and what kind of condition he was in when he discovered him.

He wrote on his Facebook page that he, "heard him screeching, shaking and scared tied to a grocery cart next to the Cayudetta Creek. After looking around for anyone in the area, I finally called the Police. He was a scared little boy, calling for help. Once the police officer arrived I finally gained enough trust from him to get him untied."

The police are trying to search for more information about who may have left the pup all alone, quote possible to die.

The Fulton County Regional SPCA added, "If you recognize this puppy or the collar and leash please contact us or the Gloversville Police Department. It's now time for us to come together and do what's right!!! 518-736-2100"

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