I love this area in the fall. It's my favorite time of the year. We have adopted one certain tradition that is perfect for us. It doesn't involve picking apples or pumpkins, it's all about doughnuts and witches. I grew up going to Lakeside Farms. We would all pile in the car and get hot fresh cider doughnuts from the make-shift doughnut trailer to the side of the store. Now Jenn and I started a tradition of our own. Every year we head to Lakeside Farms with Ryan.

We get at least a dozen of their cider doughnuts (half plain, half sugar). My preference is the plain apple cider donut. Then we head over to their cider press area and get a half gallon of cider. We go inside the barn and pick out some honey crisp apples. But the star of the visit is the Cider Witch. Ryan loves her. She hangs out on top of the shop roof and greets the people. She throws candy to the kids below.

Today we got a special treat. The Cider Witch was down below in front of the store being interviewed by CBS 6. Ryan was excited because he got his picture taken with her.

townsquare media

What are some of your fall traditions?