Open Line Friday, you never know what you're gonna get! We were all over the board today, people early on were calling about that whacko church group protesting military funerals. We had our fair share of "shout outs", and later in the morning we had a few calls about what is or is not "Country music".


All of them were good and we may get more into those topics in out articles here on WGNA.COM, but for me today, I think I just needed a little light hearted levity. SO i picked this to be the call of the day.
If you missed it, "Big Ron" calls every week and usually tells a joke, but he likes to make it sound like it's a real life story so the punch line sneaks up on you. Now, this isn't the best joke in the world , as most clean ones aren't, but I bet you use it on someone else today.
Here is the call, just click the play button and enjoy!

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