Every year I see people working on their Christmas "bucket list" and marvel at their holly jolly attention to detail.  It's amazing to me that someone can be so organized in their life, that they actually have the time to create a 'to-do' list of all the extra things they can do around the holidays - checking things off as they go.  I would have time to create such a list, but first I should probably put my clean clothes away that came out of the dryer 2 weeks ago.  Anyways, here's a list of things featured on some X-Mas bucket lists and how the outcome usually differs greatly from the original fantasy...for me anyway.

  • Visit a Mall Santa
         Take a photo of my son near a Mall Santa...cuz that's free.
  • Find a new charity to give to

Ignore mall charity by pretending I'm on the phone

  • Adopt a puppy
         'Like' cute puppies on the Instagram site 'ICantEven'
  • Find creative ways to keep Elf on a Shelf interesting and fun
         Avoid Pinterest and just tell my boy that Santa rules the roost
  • Decorate the tree with a million beautiful lights and ornaments
          Keep it simple, most kids rip the bulbs off and throw them around the house
  • Make a snow angel 
         Gently toss an infant (not mine) into 18 inches of fluffy snow...the kid is fine.
  • Make Popcorn Garland
         I'm sowing the holes in my underwear before I sow freakin' popcorn
  • Go to a tree lighting ceremony
          In 3, 2, 1 they're gonna hit a fake button. OK, it's freezing let's home!
  • Send Christmas Cards
         Get yelled at from girlfriend how you never gave her your friends addresses
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