Plain and simple, this heatwave has been brutal!  But rather than complain about it, we decided to take it all in stride and have a little fun with it.  Here are the Top 10 'It's So Hot Jokes' Capital Region edition.

#10- It’s so hot The Egg is officially hard boiled

#9-It’s so hot people in Saratoga were making avocado toast on the sidewalk

#8- It’s so hot that Keith Raniere was giving out free double shots on ice with every branding

#7-It's so hot he was using seat belts as a branding iron

#6-It’s so hot Guptill’s Coney Island Express changed it’s name to Guptill’s Coney Island Opressed

#5-It's so hot the homeless guy outside of Colonie Center was holding a sign that said ‘Trying to afford some damn shade'

#4- It’s so hot John Gray moved his anchor desk to Dairy Queen

#3- It’s so hot that in Africa they’re saying it’s 'Albany Hot'

#2- It’s so hot Mayor Sheehan was wearing her pantsuit without pants

#1- It’s so hot Nipper's balls were sticking to MY leg

Stay cool Albany, stay cool!

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