Usually, the weather for Thanksgiving Day is cold.

Steak Dinner
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Occasionally we have a somewhat warm day, and of course others have snow.

There’s one particular Thanksgiving that I remember where we did have snow - About 22.5 inches of the white stuff. I had to do some research and found the information from my buddy, Andy Gregorio at News 10 ABC. It was in 1971. It started to snow the day before Thanksgiving.

When we all woke up on turkey day, my mom decided that we weren’t going to have turkey. No one could go anywhere. The streets weren’t plowed and I believe that the Albany area was under a snow emergency - no unnecessary travel. That meant that my brother and sister-in-law, and sister and brother-in-law couldn’t get to our house.

We had some steak in the refrigerator. So my mom made a steak dinner. It was just my mom, dad and myself, so why make a big turkey dinner? I think we had the big turkey dinner on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Always being a radio geek, after dinner, I had the radio on. I heard people calling the radio station and telling their snowy Thanksgiving stories on the air. Well, I decided to call in and tell about our Thanksgiving steak dinner. (For reference, it was on The Boom Boom Brannigan Show. Boom Boom Brannigan was an Albany radio legend. I worked with, and got to know The Boomer pretty well a few years after this particular Thanksgiving.)

The funny thing is my mom said she was a little mad at me. She said that “you couldn’t tell him it was at least a chicken dinner because steak didn’t sound special enough, and was probably the easiest thing in the world to cook.” What made this story a little bit more humorous was that I recorded the call, and she kept having me play it for everyone in the family for months. If she were still with us today, she would probably give me a hard time about writing this story.

What are some of your fun Thanksgiving memories?

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