The town of Willsboro, found in the Adirondacks is currently in a State of Emergency and it's all because of one single home.

A town code enforcement officer, a public health officer and a professional exterminator all paid a visit to a home on Gilliland Lane after many near by residents feared for the safety of the owner.

Why were they so concerned? A massive rat infestation.

When I say massive, I don't mean like 10 or 15, I mean several hundred rats were on site. I'm itching just thinking about it!

And you know it has to be bad when the exterminator describes it as the worst infestation he's ever seen. Worst ever! Ew!

According to

Declaring a state of emergency means there is "an imminent danger of some nature," [Town Supervisor Shaun] Gillilland told It was instated on Tuesday, and is designed to protect the occupant of the home and keep the public safeguarded. Gillilland said the infestation is localized just to the one residence.

At least it's contained. But, I don't know about you, I feel like I need a hot bath after hearing about this. Blah!


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