Going Hiking? Be Aware of Closed Muddy Mountain Trails
If you are planning a hike in the Adirondacks, some of your favorite trails may be closed due to dangerous conditions. Because of melting snow, rain runoff, and ice on higher elevation hikes, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is warning hikers to be cautious and avoid trails above t…
Stay Safe - Hide The Bear Necessities [PIC]
You may not know that the Capital Region and the Adirondacks have a large population of black bears. As much as I would love to see one and be able to pet that beautiful fuzzy animal, I know I can't. That doesn't mean that you may not come across one especially this time of year.
New York Burn Ban Flares up Next Week
In an effort to help prevent wildfires and pollution, the New York statewide burn ban will begin next Tuesday. It will start on March 16th and run through May 14, 2021. The Department of Environmental Conservation says this annual ban has helped decrease the number of spring wildfires that occur by …
If You See This ‘Hairy Rope’ Don’t Be a Dope
Call me a dope, but I had zero clue about the dangers of the "hairy rope" you may see on trees during the Winter.
At the risk of sounding like a city boy who isn't very outdoorsy, I'm about to be totally honest with you: I have never seen this "hairy rope" looking thing on a tree,…
NY State Urges Park-Goers to Leave No Trace
One of the things we are allowed to do during the coronavirus pandemic is to enjoy the beautiful nature around us. We are lucky because we are surrounded by the Adirondacks and near the Catskills but the state wants you to clean up after yourself.
NY State Campgrounds Starting to Open
The Adirondacks and the surrounding areas here in New York state are known for camping. Since the coronavirus pandemic, the camping season has been up in the air. Slowly, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is starting to open certain campgrounds. Here's what's open and here…

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