October means spooky, creepy, and haunted houses. I love this time of year like everyone else but maybe when you're building a haunted house, some places should be off-limits?

Residents of Rogersville, Missouri are outraged that the abandoned Preston-Marsh Funeral Home is being used as the town haunted house by the Logan-Rogersville High School Project Graduation, according to Daily Mail. The money generated by this haunted house will be going toward a "safe celebration event" for the seniors after graduation.

One cause for outrage is because family members who have utilized that space for loved ones now will have to go through it as an attraction. On the flip side, some are praising the seniors for turning a place that's usually associated with grief into something the town can enjoy.

The funeral parlor will soon be torn down and the seniors saw this as a way to utilize the building one last time for the season. Some items were left behind like gurneys used for intake and processing of the deceased, for example, and will be used as props within the house.

The funeral parlor hasn't been in use for years, will be torn down soon, and proceeds are going to something safe for local high school students. On the flip side, it used to be a place of solitude, and to have fake coffins there does seem a bit inappropriate. Where do you stand on this? What do you think of using an old funeral parlor as a haunted house?

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