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Love Cowboy’s Spirited Advice for Haunted Homebuyers
Rachel in Latham-
My husband and I are looking at homes in the North Colonie area, and one of the homes is quite old and has a bit of a history with some strange paranormal activity.  The previous owners felt the need to disclose that info and we appreciated it.  They say it's nothing more than a few…
Guinness World Record Scariest Haunted House Holder in NY
Are you the kind of person that looks for the scariest and spookiest around this time of year? Well, you're in luck, because there's a Guinness World Record holder for the scariest open house here in New York and it's not too far away...if you dare.
Do You See a Ghost Here? [PHOTO]
I love this season! I love the spooky, the creepy, and the paranormal so when I saw this apparent "ghost" picture, I had to see it for myself. Do you think that's a ghost?
Where’s The Most Haunted Place In Area?
Everyone knows a place they either believe is haunted, or know is haunted.  Is it a local cemetary, old hospital, hotel, museum, or maybe it's the very old farm house you're living in right now.  What did you feel, see, hear and experience?  Chrissy and I are looking for our next possessed place to …