Here we go again.  There's a new virus in town. Actually it's a new version of an old virus.  It might show up in alot of towns unless we do something.  

I'll be honest.  I think about things like this all the time.  I even wrote a song about it awhile back, with apologies to Colin Raye.  This is a parody of "I Think About You".  (But I changed "you" to "flu")

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

According to an article at, it's called a coronavirus, and some health workers have been exposed to it.  The death total is now up to 49.  The WHO (World Health Organization)  says that this one is a threat to the entire world.

It acts like a cold but attacks the respiratory system.

Don't you hate these stories?  They scare the be-jesus out of you but have no suggestions on what to do about it!  Should you use lysol spray?  Should we put those idiotic surgical masks back on like Michael Jackson?  Should we ignore the warnings?  Come on - we've had these scares before and nothing ever happened.  What will YOU do about it?