There is some good news in the coronavirus outbreak and I think we could all use some. There is no evidence that your dog or cat can be infected with the coronavirus or spread it. I am a true believer in finding the positive in the coronavirus outbreak and I feel I have. According to the World Health Organization, your pet can not be infected with the coronavirus nor can they spread it.

Because Covid-19 is spread through droplets by coughing, saliva, or sneezing, dogs and cats have barriers that don't allow them to spread. The World Health Organization does advise that you do wash your hands with soap and water after you have contact with your pets to ensure the barriers. But the pet owners are the ones that could transmit the virus, not the pets.

I know what this means for me. When I get home, to destress, I will be snuggling, petting and playing with my dog, Freddie. At least I know no one can cancel my plans with Freddie.

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