Capital Region residents will now have easier access to testing for the coronavirus or for presence of the virus antibody.

If you have you been showing symptoms of the coronavirus, or if you had symptoms and are now feeling better, you now have easy access to virus or antibody testing. According to a Times Union report, WellNow Urgent Care is now offering testing at all four of their Capital Region locations in Albany, Clifton Park, Hudson and Niskayuna. No appointment is necessary for either test, and both are vailable 7 days a week. WellNow told the Times Union the tests are very accurate and FDA approved.

First and foremost, for those who are showing symptoms or had symptoms, this will be some much needed peace of mind for many. Also, as we try to hit the necessary state requirements to reopen, expanded testing is one of the marks we need to hit in the Capital Region. For testing, 30 residents per 1000 need to be tested for any New York region to reopen. We are currently not at that benchmark, but hopefully expanded testing and easier access will help us get there as we work towards New York Pause being lifted on May 15th.

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