Depending who you ask, getting pregnant isn't easy. It is largely part miracle, part science. And keeping with the scientific side of things, we've come up with our own little theory on which New Yorkers are most likely to get pregnant this year.

Let's work backwards starting with the science, and then get to the theory. According to a 2016 NPR study, the average age a woman gives birth nowadays is about 27 years old, which means that to be 27 in 2017, a woman would have had to have been born in 1989.

Lots of women were born in 1989 will be about 27 this year, but among all of those women, these five names were given the most to females born that year, according to the Social Security Administration:

  1. Jessica
  2. Amanda
  3. Ashley
  4. Nicole
  5. Samantha

What do these names have to do with getting pregnant?

Scientifically? Nothing. But in theory, since those were the most popular names of 1989, that means there have been more Jessicas, Amandas, Ashleys, Nicoles and Samanthas out there in the world for about 27 years, which means there is a higher chance that more women with those names will get pregnant this year. Yes, because there are more of them, and fewer... Alexandras?

Make sense?

Hey, maybe we're wrong. But maybe we're not. So if your name is one of the names above and you're 27 years old, just remember we told you so.