Need some adorable animals in your day? Turn to the Bronx Zoo for some beautiful new penguins you can obsess over while you're home.

Remember how much joy we got out of watching April the Giraffe? We spent hours watching that beautiful animal and it was a time that we were allowed to do things outside of our houses with friends. Now, we have a new excuse for a New York animal obsession thanks to the Bronx Zoo.

The Bronx Zoo has welcomed two new penguin hatchlings to their zoo, according to News 10. The blue penguin hatchlings were born back in February and now bring the number of penguins at the zoo to 16 total. The zoo is welcoming families to watch and follow the journey of these beautiful birds while the zoo is closed because of the coronavirus.

You can watch their journey through their Instagram Story highlight as well as keep up with the posts on their Facebook page.

Exciting news! We have two healthy little blue penguin chicks at the Bronx Zoo. Here’s a video from their first week of...

Posted by Bronx Zoo on Thursday, March 26, 2020

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