Radio has been around since 1898, when Guglielmo Marconi started to experiment with electromagnetic waves as a way to send signals without wires. The telegraph wire was the quickest way to send and receive messages.

He designed a series of electronic part to make a transmitter, which sends the signal, and another series of parts to make a receiver to pick up the radio waves from the transmitter. He had sent a wireless message 18 miles. That was the beginning.

Now move ahead about 22 years. This is when the very first scheduled radio broadcast happened. It was on November 2, 1920, at radio station KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. November 2 was chosen because it was Election Day, and people could hear the results of the presidential race of Harding-Cox on the radio over KDKA, before they read about it in the newspaper.

I mention this piece of history because if it wasn’t for the first scheduled broadcast, you might not ever have had Country 1-0-7-7, GNA. Because of this event, I feel the need to pay homage because thanks to this little bit of history, all of us at GNA have jobs that we love to do every day, and try our best so you can enjoy what we do. I also would like to thank you for listening.