Last July was my first big Countryfest experience as an employee of WGNA. I definitely knew what I was getting myself into, well, sort of. But, no one could have planned how my day would go.

There's always a schedule in place that you can almost guarantee will be thrown out the window by 10am. It's inevitable. No matter the amount of planning that is done a show like this ends up working on it's own time with so many moving parts. We also had really no way of predicting the weather that was headed our way.

I know, I know, it's a sore spot for some who didn't want to wait it out or were frustrated about having to wait a bit for the storm to pass, but we had to follow safety procedures. That being said, the on-air live broadcast schedule went from everyone participating to me getting thrown in a Subaru with a Tie-Line system and a microphone. It is quite possibly the craziest broadcasting situation that I have ever been in within my 13 year career (even crazier than that time we couldn't get any microphone to work except the one within the laptop...that was interesting.)

countryfest 2016
countryfest 2016

It is honestly, one of the most fun moments yet equally most frustrating moments I have experienced. I was worried if it was safe to even be happening (there were wires stretched across the field) and I knew I wouldn't be able to please everyone listening (not everyone was at the show that was tuning in and those that were waiting things out wanted information that I couldn't provide yet.) However, having the true, real reaction scream when a giant bolt of lightening struck live on the air was definitely an epic moment.

That all being said, I am doing my non-rain dance for July 8th and predicting a beautiful summer day ahead to enjoy some of the best that country has to offer!

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