Have you seen those pages "Confessions of a..." from different jobs? They always drag me in because I want to know what goes behind the scenes. I can only speak for my job so, if you're curious, here are our secrets.

Yes, this job is fun but it's work too. Do I love the ability to go to a ton of country shows? Yes! Sometimes, though, when the show goes until 11:00PM on a Tuesday, I start to fade. If you run into me, I'm not disinterested, I'm probably just half-asleep from being up all day.

We "fan girl" too. I got to meet Luke Bryan this summer and if you don't think I was completely speechless, you're so wrong. Just because we play the music and talk to them on the phone sometimes, being in front of a country superstar (even if I've met them before) still makes my legs jelly.

The studio is smaller than you think. I feel like that's the case with any studio, TV too! For the morning, Brian stands behind the board and Chrissy and I are on either side of a table, each with microphones. Most of what we do is one board and a few screens and that's about it.

No, we don't always get along. I work with some of the greatest, most engaging and entertaining people but we do sit in the same room for 5 hours just the three of us, then go to our office just the three of us. We're like a family, though, do you always get along with your family?

There's a small trick to winning contests. It may seem obvious but first, we give away so many clues to when we're doing giveaways throughout the day so you'll never have to miss them. Second, we always take the caller we say we are (usually 7) so just because you didn't call RIGHT away, it may actually better for you so you don't end up caller 1 so don't give up!

We get tired of songs long before you do. We love all of the music but sometimes when we hear a song too much, it loses its luster. Remember, we hear these songs 10x more than you do so when there's new music we're genuinely incredibly excited to play it.

We're the same people off the air that we are on the air. At least we hope so anyway! Brian, Chrissy, and I have the same relationship off the air that we have on the air. There's no faking it. If you meet us in person, same people!

We know most of the commercials by heart. We're in the studio mostly for the entire show, every day so we hear the same commercials over and over and usually multiple times every morning. We've memorized commercial jingles, phrases, taglines, and just by accident.

We decide what music we play based on what you like. If a song is doing well, you'll hear it more and if not, you'll wonder where it went. We do listen to listeners and want to know what you like so you keep listening. Tell us what concerts you want, tell us what artists you're obsessed with- we can't promise anything but we'll do our best to make it the best experience possible!

We love meeting listeners. Being out with people talking about the show or talking about our common interest in country music is the best! We wouldn't be doing what we're doing without you and it truly means the world to us that you listen. There are so many options, so many stations, and to hear that a part of the show is memorable or that we make you morning just a little bit better- nothing beats it! (Thank you!)

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