When you've been in the business this long you feel like you've probably seen just about everything.

I mean, I've done everything from the normal on-air broadcast to broadcasting live from a Subaru; I've had broadcasts where the only working microphone was the one in the laptop, I've had to record on-air breaks on my cell phone as a voice memo in the middle of a lightening storm and the list goes on. In this business we do a little bit of everything from copy writing to audio and video production, we create props and interview everyone from the person on the street to the biggest names in the entertainment world; we handle deals with clients and we set up electrical equipment. But shockingly, there are things even I've never seen with my own eyes in the last 13-years.

Today, our engineer, Mike came into the studio and was attempting to fix a phone issue that he was made aware of. Next thing I know, the control board, that typically scares anyone that doesn't understand how to use it even scared me as he lifted it open and allowed its guts to show.

GNA studio board
GNA studio board

I'm pretty knowledgeable in how to do almost all there is to do in radio...except this. I'll leave this to the professionals. This scares the crap out of me!

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